Wayside Milford


Wayside Milford

Wayside has served the Milford community for more than 20 years when the Milford Assistance Program joined Wayside in 1997 as the Wayside Community Counseling Center. Today, the Milford services include outpatient counseling, in-home therapy, as well programs and support services for victims of interpersonal crime.

TRAUMA INTERVENTION SERVICES offers support to people who have experienced violence, abuse and trauma. Our experienced counselors and staff assist survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, children impacted by substances those impacted by homicide, along with their families, through the process of healing. We strive to offer hope and empower survivors to lead full and successful lives.

OUTPATIENT COUNSELING  offer a range of mental health services for children, adolescents and their families including diagnostic assessments, psychological evaluation, medication evaluation and treatment, emergency services as well as individual, group and family therapy.

IN-HOME THERAPY & FAMILY-BASED SERVICES are provided to families who are in therapy but require additional support.

Groups for Caregivers & Youth

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