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Community Service Agency Care Coordination Services

Helping families raising a child with behavioral issues successfully juggle multiple providers and supports.

Families raising children with serious mental health problems can find it extra stressful trying to navigate the complex world of child mental health services. Wayside’s Community Service Agency partners with families to help guide them through the system and ensure that they receive everything they need.

The CSA is a service under the Commonwealth’s Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) for families raising a child/youth with serious emotional issues. The CSA helps families successfully coordinate the various service providers (school, primary care, mental health care, social services, etc.) through a service called Intensive Care Coordination (ICC).

Families enrolled in ICC are assigned a Care Coordinator (CC) and a Family Partner (FP) who team together with the youth and family to assess their needs and strengths. We work with them to develop a crisis plan that works for them. We develop a Care Plan Team that includes other current supports (teachers, counselors, extended family).

The service was life changing. It was the support and education I have always been looking for. It was like having a mentor and going to college on being a parent. The service was outstanding.”

-CSA Parent

Family Support and Training (Family Partner)

Family Partners are parents or caregivers who have raised children with emotional, behavioral, or mental health needs.

A Family Partner’s personal experience “having been there” helps establish a relationship that is valued by families. Family Partners have a strong connection to the community and are very knowledgeable about resources, services, and supports for families.

  • The Family Partner works closely with the Care Coordinator to support the caregivers of the youth to ensure:
  • That families drive the Care planning/Wraparound process [PDF]
  • The families strengths and needs are the focus at all meetings
  • Families understand that support can take on many different forms and they will determine what the support will look like for them.
  • The parent/caregiver have the knowledge and understanding to navigate the child-serving systems
  • Caregivers acquire an understanding of medication, diagnosis & special education services
  • Families have the supports and resources to manage crisis situations
  • Families develop effective self advocacy skills and feel confident and successful
  • Families can access organizations, services, local support groups and community programs
  • Families become part of a larger circle of families where they can find support from other parent with similar experiences

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