What does that mean?

The children's mental health system abounds with jargon and acronyms, which make a complex world even more difficult to understand. Below is a handy list of definitions for common terms you may encounter.


504: An educational support plan


ABH: Association for Behavioral Healthcare
ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder
ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
ADL: Activities of Daily Living
AH: Auditory Hallucinations
AOD: Alcohol and Other Drugs
APA: American Psychiatric Association
ART: Acute Residential Treatment
ATOD: Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs


BASC: Behavioral Assessment System for Children
BCBS: Blue Cross Blue Shield
BDI: Beck Depression Inventory
BEST: Boston Emergency Services Team
BPRS: Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale
BTR: Behavioral Treatment Residential


CA: Comprehensive Assessment
CADAC: Certified Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselor
CAFAS: Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment
CANS: Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths
CASPP: Child and Adolescent Services Planning Principles
CBAT: Community Based Acute Treatment
CBHI: Children´s Behavioral Health Initiative
CBT: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
CDBG: Community Development Block Grant
CSAP: Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
CFFC: Coordinated Family Focused Care (precursor to CBHI)
CHINS: Child in Need of Services
Chapter 257: Massachusetts Law mandating fair contracting for human services
Chapter 766: Massachusetts Special Education Law
CMS: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
CMSP: Children´s Medical Security Plan
COA: Council On Accreditation
CPI: Crisis Prevention Institute
CPT: Care Planning Team
CQI: Consumer Quality Initiatives
CSA: Community Service Agency
CSP: Community Support Program
CSU: Crisis Stabilization Unit
CSS: Community Support Services


DBT: Dialectical Behavior Therapy
DCF: Department of Children and Families (formerly DSS)
DDS: Department of Developmental Services (formerly DMR)
DEEC: Department of Early Education and Care
DESE: Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
DMH: Department of Mental Health
DOE: Department of Education
DPH/BSAS: Department of Public Health/Bureau of Substance Abuse Services
DSM: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual
DTA: Department of Transitional Assistance
DV: Domestic Violence
DX: Diagnosis
DYS: Department of Youth Services


EATS: Enhanced Acute Treatment Services
EBP: Evidence-Based Practice
ED: Emergency Department
EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
EMH: Emergency Mental Health
EOHHS: Executive Office of Health and Human Services
EOP: Enhanced Outpatient Program
EPSDT: Early, Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment
ESP: Emergency Service Provider


FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid
FAS: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
FBS: Family Based Services
FP: Family Partner
FSS: Family Support and Stabilization
FSI: Family Support Intensive
FST: Family Stabilization Team
FS&T: Family Support and Training
FW: FamilyWorks (name of Wayside program)


GAD: Generalized Anxiety Disorder
GAF: Global Assessment of Functioning
GAL: Guardian Ad Litem
GIC: Group Insurance Commission
GLBTQ: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Questioning


HDS: Hub dependent Service
HI: Homicidal Ideation
HIPPA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIV: Human immunodeficiency virus
HLOC: Hospital Level of Care
HMO: Health Maintenance Organization


IAP: Individualized Action Plan
IARTP: Intensive Acute Residential Treatment Program
ICBAT: Intensive Community Based Acute Treatment
ICC: Intensive Case Coordinator
ICM: Intensive Case Manager
ICP: Individual Care Plan
IDEA: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
IEP: Individualized Education Program/Plan
IHT or IHBT: In-Home Therapy or In-Home Behavior Therapy
IL: Independent Living
IOP: Intensive Outpatient Program
IVR: Information Voice Registration


JDP: Jail Diversion Program


LADAC: Licensed Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors
LCSW: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
LEA: Local Education Agency
LOS: Length of Stay
LICSW: Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
LMHC: Licensed Mental Health Counselor
LMFT: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LOC: Level of Care


MASS HEALTH: Massachusetts Medicaid Program
MBE: Minority Business Enterprise
MBHP: Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership
MCE: Managed Care Entity
MCI: Mobile Crisis Intervention
MCO: Managed Care Organization
MCT: Mobile Crisis Team
MCPAP: Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project
M-Chat: Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers
MDAR: Multidisciplinary Assessment Review
MHSACM: Mental Health Substance Abuse Corporation of Massachusetts (now ABH)
MHSPY: Mental Health Services Program for Youth
MMMF: Management Medical Monitoring Form
MSDP: Massachusetts Standardized Documentation Project
MSE: Mental Status Exam
MST: Multi-Systemic Therapy
MSW: Masters in Social Work
MYR: Motivating Youth Recovery


NAMI: National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
NASW: National Association of Social Workers
NH: Network Health
NHP: Neighborhood Health Plan
NOS: Not Otherwise Specified
NPI: National Provider Identifier


OT: Occupational Therapy
OP: Outpatient (office based counseling centers)


PAC: Parent Advisory Council
PAL: Parent/Professional Advocacy League
PCC: Primary Care Physician
PCP: Phencyclidine
PDD: Pervasive Developmental Disorder
PEDS: Parents´ Evaluation of Developmental Status
PES: Psychiatric Emergency Services (name of program at Advocates)
PHI: Protected Health Care Information
PHP: Partial Hospitalization Program
PRE-IL: Pre-Independent Living
PSC: Pediatric Symptom Checklist
PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


QM: Quality Management


R/O: Rule-Out
RAD: Reactive Attachment Disorder
RES or RESI: Residential
RESC: Regional Emergency Service Center
RWJF: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


SMHSA: Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
SED: Serious Emotional Disturbance
SI: Suicidal Ideation
SOAP: Structured Outpatient Addiction Programs
SOC: Systems of Care
SPED: Special Education
SSA: Social Security Administration
SSDI: Social Security Disability Insurance
SSI: Supplemental Security Income
STARR: Stabilization, Assessment, and Rapid Reintegration
STD: Sexually Transmitted Disease


TANF: Temporary Aid to Needy Families
TAY: Transition Age Youth
TB: Tuberculosis
TF: Transition Facilitator
TM: Therapeutic Mentoring
TRS: Transitional Residential Services
TTS: Therapeutic Training and Support
TX: Therapy


UCC: Urgent Care Center
UR: Utilization Review
URG: Utilization Review Group


VH: Visual Hallucinations


WFI: Wraparound Fidelity Index
WNL: Within Normal Limits
WISC: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children


YFS: Youth and Family Support Worker
YARC: Young Adult Resource Center
YAAC: Young Adult Advisory Council
YAPP: Young Adult Prevention Project

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