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Wayside Launches Equity Training Center


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Help navigating the world of children's mental health services.


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Therapeutic residential, day & educational services.


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Mental health counseling services for children and adolescents.


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Resources for young adults ages 17-24.


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What We Do

Wayside offers a wide array of services for children, young adults and families. To learn about what services are available in your community, please see our services listing, which is organized by region. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 508.879.9800.


Trauma Intervention

24-hour Rape Crisis Hotline

Residential, Day & Educational

Young Adults 17-24

Community, Education & Outreach

Care Coordination

Anti-Racism Is a Verb

One Antiracist Action You Can Take Today: Talk About Neurodiversity In The Workplace

At Wayside’s DEI Committee, we are beginning to engage in the conversation of how to build not just an antiracist culture at Wayside, but an anti-ableist one as well. One way to start is by talking about how neurodiversity can show up in the work environment and ways to rethink that environment to make it inclusive to neurodiversity. As stated in one of the articles below, “It’s important to adopt a mindful approach to the different ways in which people work and communicate. You shouldn’t feel unable to talk about neurodiversity in the workplace. When both employers and employees can have open discussions about finding ways to work more inclusively, that helps break down barriers and remove stigmas.” Check out the articles below and start the conversation. Then come to DEI Committee to share your thoughts! (more…)

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