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An interactive workshop for young adult artists

Green House Graphics (GHG) was started in 2013 with the belief that all young people have creative talent and by developing it we build self confidence and strong foundations for life. GHG is comprised of four art programs for young adults ages 15-26 and is based at the Tempo Young Adult Resource Center at 1 Marian Road in downtown Framingham, Mass.

Our programs, based on Boston’s Artists for Humanity, are interactive workshops where young adults learn to produce art using a variety of media that express the personal creativity of the artists, contribute to the community and allow young artists to develop skills that can lead to future career opportunities. The workshops are also a way to engage young adults while connecting them with services offered by the Department of Mental Health and Wayside. The studio is a safe place to develop social skills and receive support while creating art.

Green House Graphics is founded on a few simple beliefs:

  • All young people have creative talent;
  • The creative talent of young people, when combined with diligence and hard work, has value;
  • Developing talent is a way of building self-confidence, motivation and healthy life choices;
  • The vision for GHG is that all young people will have strong, resilient foundations for adulthood;
  • At GHG the artists and mentor work collaboratively;
  • GHG’s programs are not a “service” or mandatory requirement. It is a completely voluntary opportunity. Each participant is respected as an individual artist and we learn together with guidance from mentors;
  • We all respect each other, each other’s work and ideas, our materials and workspaces and the purpose of the GHG enterprise.

The four programs that make up GHG are:

Open Studios – A drop-in program offered every Wednesdays 11:00am - 6:00pm. in the GHG studio. Young adult artists are encouraged to use any media available in the studio to create art of their choice.

The Art Group (TAG) – A drop-in program offered at a variety of locations based on partnerships created through the transitional age youth community as designated by the Department of Mental Health. TAG is an effort to reach out to young adults in the Eastern and Central Massachusetts area who are unable to come to the GHG studio. TAG is modeled after The Studio Workshop Series in that one mentoring artist travels to a program site or location and hosts a two-hour workshop and young adults are mentored in the use of one media.

PhotoVoice – PhotoVoice is an eight-week digital photography program. Young adults meet once a week for an hour and a half and learn how to capture images that tell a story. The program culminates in an artist’s reception featuring student photos and narratives.


“At Green House Graphics, I’ve learned that art can evolve into something I hadn’t anticipated when first starting a project. For example, this piece started with me just drawing a feather, and that slowly turned into an entire scene that I hadn’t planned right from the start.”

-Tye, GreenHouse Graphics



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