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Wayside Wellness Policy

Updated June 2023

The Wayside Campus is dedicated to ensure a healthy future for our clientele by implementing and sustaining nutritional education for both our population served and the staff that are serving them. This support is crucial to promoting healthy eating behaviors. The following components are the foundation of our wellness policy that are put in place to ensure that our clients and students attain their full educational potential and good health.


Clients are provided the ability to participate in numerous ways to get moving throughout each day. Each house or day program is provided with opportunities to use the state-of-the-art gymnasium and an outdoor sports field with dedicated athletic faculty who lead programs on Campus every day. All youth are encouraged to participate in at least one form of exercise daily. Organized sports such as basketball, softball and soccer also occurs throughout the year. In addition, Wayside provides all clients opportunities for exercise yearly including the annual Turkey Football game, Yoga and Ultimate Fitness electives, and occupational therapy groups. Meditation groups are also offered.


Wayside serves more clients entering into pre-diabetic or even diabetic states and other health-related issues due to poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Our Campus houses an industrial kitchen which is overseen by a nutritionist and food service department. All foods and beverages served are part of the School Meal Nutrition Standards and Competitive Foods and Beverages. Wayside is a “no caffeine and no soda zone” and there are no vending machines on site. Our clients are offered low-fat or fat-free milk or water with meals and only whole grain breads and pasta. Clients’ well-balanced, healthy meals are portioned and plated by trained staff. Clients requiring futher nutritional guidance are referred out to pediatric nutritionists, who advise on a food plan to follow. A group of clients meet regularly with the Food Services director around food choice, interesting menus and healthy nutrition. Wayside does not use promotional material or information for any vendors and provides only food and drink that complies with the school nutrition standards.

Medical Care:

Clients residing at Wayside are assessed to ensure up to date medical and dental care. Client’s have a risk assessment done within 24 hours of admission, and meet with a member of the health department within 72 hours to coordinate medical and dental care. Routine Dental care and minor dental work is provided on site at the Campus via a Mobile Dentist through Commonwealth Mobile Oral Health Services, LLC. Medical care is provided by our contraced pediatric provider, Reliant Medical Group, for both routine and acute medical care. The contract with Reliant Medical Group also includes accessibility to 24 hour medical on call services, helping to better care for our clients. The arrangement with Reliant Medical Group also includes consultation to the residential nursing staff. Routine and acute monitoring of blood work, weight, BMIs, and vital signs also play crucial roles in proper medical care.


The Wayside Campus feels that education about healthy nutrition, exercise, and caring for one’s self is the key to helping adolescents achieve knowledge that they will carry throughout their lives. Nutrition courses are provided by both the Athletic Coordinator as well as the Nursing Department. Topics include healthy substitutions, how sugar and salt affect the body and its functioning, and cholesterol and fat intake. Residential houses also provide PAYA (Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood) groups, in which Nutrition, food shopping, and home food management modules are discussed. Clients are expected to complete their first readiness assessment within 30 days and then complete them quarterly. Goals that are identified in the assessment are included in the client’s treatment plan.


The Wayside Nutrition Task Force comprised of both a group of clients and a group of staff from all departments paves the way towards even more improvement in client and staff nutrition, exercise, and education. This group documents discussions and future goals regarding the health and nutrition of the population served. This committee reviews the wellness policy yearly to ensure compliance and update any areas as necessaary.

Evaluation Processes:

  • All medical assessments are documented on Wayside’s electronic medical record (EMR) system, thereby increasing coordination of care by medical, clinical and direct care staff.
  • Records of up to date annual physical and dental appointments every 6 months are kept on Wayside’s EMR system.
  • Monthly BMI’s are calculated and documented by our medical team for our clients and are reviewed by our psychiatrist and medical prescribers on a regular basis.
  • All nutritional assessments by licensed professionals are kept on Wayside’s EMR system, and food plans are documented daily in client rundowns. These plans

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