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Worker Safety Tips January 2017

Wayside makes ongoing efforts to maintain the safety of staff, clients and visitors at all of our sites.   A recent example of this is  the adjustment of exterior lighting at each of our sites to maintain well-lit pathways to and from our buildings.

Wayside staff work at many different sites, some with large public lots or parking garages, and others with small lots or on-street parking.  Please review these important parking lot safety tips and think about parking safety in your program. Feel free to bring any questions or concerns you have to your Site Director, Nanci DaSilva, or Richard DiTullio.

Parking Safety Tips

  • Before you exit your car or a building after dark, check your surroundings.
  • Park in highly visible, well-lit areas.
  • Park as close to a building entrance as you can if you will be leaving work after dark.
  • Leave the building with a coworker if you the last to leave your program in the evening.
  • When leaving your vehicle, always lock the doors and close the windows. Do not leave valuables in plain view in the vehicle; put them in your trunk.
  • Be cautious of strangers asking questions, requesting assistance, or handing out pamphlets. Trust your instincts when you feel something is not right.
  •  Stay off your cell phone while walking to and from your vehicle to avoid distraction.
  •  Keep your car keys in your hand and use the panic button on your vehicle’s remote control key fob if necessary.
  • Check around your car and the back seat before you enter the car.  Lock the car doors immediately once inside. Do not linger in your parked car.  If you fear you are being followed go to the nearest police station or call the police.

Driving Restrictions- Entering & Exiting Campus

This is a friendly reminder that when entering or exiting the Campus property there are driving restrictions in place. The restrictions were put in place at the request of the Lockland Avenue Neighborhood Committee as well as by the City of Framingham. The signs clearly indicate the hours of the restrictions turning in and out of the property. We remind ALL staff, visitors, and transport drivers of this posted restriction and ask for your cooperation in abiding by the restrictions. Wayside is committed to being a good neighbor to our abutters.

To view the Driving Restrictions document, click HERE. 

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