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The committee is comprised of staff, program managers, and senior managers coming together as partners seeking to fulfill the mission and vision of Wayside to create an environment that is respectful of all that harnesses the power of our collective similarities and differences within the Wayside community. Any staff of Wayside is encouraged to consider joining the committee with approval from the Program Director for direct service staff or supervisor for Management staff. The Committee meets monthly on the 3rd Friday of each month from 9 to 10:30 am, alternating between Framingham and Waltham.


Please contact the Department of PEOPLE & CULTURE for more information.
The Ambassadors Committee is comprised of clinical staff, program managers, administration staff and Senior leadership. The Ambassadors Committee is responsible for reviewing quality of customer service, making recommendations to increase customer service scoring and promote the Wayside Welcome! This committee meets on a quarterly basis.


For more information, please contact MICHELLE.
Tasked with helping the agency understand employee issues as well as shaping policies, the Wellness & Staff Voices Committee meets the 3rd Friday of every month, directly following Diversity & Inclusion Committee meeting. The locations alternate between Wayside Framingham and Wayside Waltham. All employees are invited to join.


Please contact the Department of PEOPLE & CULTURE for more information.
The Clinical and Documentation Review Committee is comprised of the Clinical Documentation Coordinator, individual licensed clinical staff, and supervisors. The purpose of the committee is to review quality of client records at every program in accordance with applicable licensing regulations and COA standards. A sampling of program records are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Corrective action plans are implemented for individual clinical staff as needed. Records that do NOT pass are further reviewed by the Clinical Documentation Coordinator. The quarterly results are disseminated to the Agency Corporate Compliance Committee, Board Program and DPC Committee.


Speak to your Program Director if you are interested in joining.
Comprised of the Chief Financial Officer, the Director of People & Culture, the Chief Executive Officer, the Fiduciary Officer for the 403(b) retirement plan, and staff. This committee holds fiduciary responsibility and acts as the governing body over the 403(b) retirement plan.


Please contact the Department of PEOPLE & CULTURE for more information.
A Special Events Committee is created around Wayside held events, both for staff and external clients/families. Some events that warrant a committee include the 5K4Kids (Captains Committee), the Summer family picnic (Summer Event Committee), the All-Staff Meeting (All-Staff Meeting Planning Committee), and in honor of our 40th anniversary, this year we have a 40th Anniversary Committee.
Comprised of staff and the Agency Risk Management Director. This committee is currently assessing what sustainability practices the Agency is already engaged in. The committee will look to develop standardized practices for the Agency to reduce its carbon footprint and increase its environmentally sustainable practices.


If you would like more information, please contact NANCI.
The Agency Clinical Risk Committee comprises of the Agency Risk Management Director and several appointed senior clinical staff and Family Partners from across the Agency. Clinicians and other staff present high risk cases to the committee. Individualized risk management plans are developed and documented. The Agency Risk Management Director follows up with the clinician to ensure proper implementation. This committee meets twice a month. Trends are discussed at monthly Agency Risk Management Committee meetings.


To present a high risk case speak with your Program Director.
Comprised of staff from across the Agency with at least one member from each site. The committee focuses on policies, safety trends, assists in developing and implementing program training on site safety, and are responsible for the monthly safety checks. Recommendations from this committee are considered by the Agency Risk Management Committee. The committee meets every quarter on Wednesdays from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.


If you would like more information, please contact your Program Director.

Appointed Committees

Comprised of senior managers, the Agency Medical Director, Campus Medical Director, selected Program Directors, and the Agency Risk Management Director. The committee reviews any incidents from the previous month, high risk client situations, and any other high risk situations in the community at large.
The Agency Worker Safety Committee is comprised of Senior management, Facilities manager, Director of People & Culture and Agency Risk Management Director. Together, they review policies, trainings, and staff safety incidents on a monthly basis. In addition, the Worker Safety Committee reviews trends in the use of workers' compensation, as well as general safety concerns agency-wide.
Comprised of agency senior managers, the Agency Risk Management Director, and the Clinical Documentation Coordinator. The committee is tasked with monitoring Agency compliance systems, report on any compliance concerns, and work to prevent fraud and abuse.
Comprised of the Compliance Officer, Security Officer, Agency Risk Management Director, EHR Director, and other staff. The committee monitors the Agency's practices in protecting the confidentiality of protected health information and assesses risk to breaches in confidential information.
Comprised of senior clinical managers and Family Partners from across the Agency. The committee focuses on the clinical practice and training needs of staff, develops the annual topics for the Wayside Training Institute, develops recommendations for Agency supported clinical tools., reviews clinical documentation trends, and makes recommendations for how to support staff in clinical work.
The Quality Patient Care Assessment Committee is comprised of the Agency Medical Director, VP of Clinical Quality, Compliance Officer and Board Program/ People & Culture Committee. The committee meets annually and reviews overall quality of the medical care provided at the agency for clients. In addition, the committee reviews outstanding grievances, trends and use of outcomes data.
Comprised of the Information Technology Director, the Chief Financial Officer, and select staff. This committee assesses the current technologies used by staff, determines gaps in technology needs, and makes recommendations for acquisition of new technologies.

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