Congratulations to Sara McCabe – Beverly Ross Fliegel Social Policy & Change Award

Congratulations to Sara McCabe – Beverly Ross Fliegel Social Policy & Change Award

Congratulations to Sara McCabe, LICSW, Chief Operating Officer, for being selected as this year’s recipient of the Beverly Ross Fliegel social policy & change award. Sara is a passionate advocate for children and families across our agency and throughout Massachusetts. We are proud to have her on our team!

Each year the Massachusetts Chapter of NASW gives its Beverly Ross Fliegel Greatest Contribution to Social Policy and Change Award to honor the memory of the Eastern Massachusetts Chapter’s first Executive Director. Beverly Ross Fliegel was an outstanding social worker who cared tremendously about what happened to disenfranchised people. Beverly died of cancer at the untimely age of 42. This award helps keep alive the memory of a very special social worker, and reaffirms NASW’s commitment to social justice and social change.

The Beverly Ross Fliegel Social Policy and Change Award recognizes a significant contribution to social policy and/or social change made at an agency, local, state, or national level by a member of NASW. Nominees are evaluated for this award based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated exemplary leadership.
  • Initiative in responding to social needs.
  • Contributions to or development of programs, agencies, or services that focus on social change, advocacy in legislature or other public forums, or other relevant community service.
  • Strong and visible public advocacy.


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