One Anti-Racist Action You Can Take Today: Learn the Difference Between BIPOC and POC

One Anti-Racist Action You Can Take Today: Learn the Difference Between BIPOC and POC

By Daniela Thermora
Career Development Coordinator

When I began my agency wide BIPOC – Black, Indigenous, Person of Color – group I received an email asking, “Daniela, just a clarification – is this a Biracial Person of Color, a Bisexual Person of Color, Bipolar Person of Color or Bilateral Person of Color?”  At first, I thought ‘is he being rude or funny?’, but then I considered, ‘maybe people really don’t know what it means.’ The email was sent by a coworker who identifies as a Black person and they do not know what it means so others may not either!

The BIPOC acronym stands for  Black, Indigenous, Person of Color.

The acronym POC stands for Person of Color.

So why BIPOC instead of the more commonly used acronym POC?  Some folks find the term POC outdated, and feel that “BIPOC” emphasizes, more specifically than the term “people of color,” the following:

  • People of color face varying types of discrimination and prejudice.
  • Systemic racism continues to oppress, invalidate, and deeply affect the lives of Black and Indigenous people in ways other people of color may not necessarily experience.
  • Black and Indigenous individuals and communities still bear the impact of slavery and genocide, and racial trauma


Healthline – Yes, There’s a Difference Between ‘BIPOC’ and ‘POC’ — Here’s Why It Matters 

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