One Anti-Racist Action You Can Take Today: Acknowledge The Macro

One Anti-Racist Action You Can Take Today: Acknowledge The Macro

By Guimel DeCarvalho
Vice President of People & Culture

On behalf of the entire Senior Team, we would like to acknowledge the macro. Yesterday a hate-filled mob of rioters invaded our Capitol Building and attempted an insurrection of our democracy. We know that the events of yesterday are on all of your minds as they are in ours. When we acknowledge a macro we directly name it for what it is. Yesterday was so many things and is impacting us in so many ways.

And yes. This is about race. This is about race. This is about race. As Isabel Wilkerson tweeted yesterday, “we have seen caste in action with our very eyes.” This is not the first time there has been a mob attempting an insurrection in this country.

Here are some of the macros on our minds:

  • Images of insurrectionists getting to walk out unharmed and go home instead of being arrested.
  • The confederate flag in the halls of congress.
  • A lone officer of color being surrounded by rioters.
  • The House Chamber barricaded with officers pointing guns at a door.
  • Our democracy being attacked.
  • Our President continuing to incite it.
  • A few hundred people trying to overturn the votes of 150,000,000.

We understand that there may be a lot on your minds and that you, as well as the children and families we work with, may need time to process this. Our hope and our practice is that by acknowledging the macro and having the courage to talk about it, we can put it to the side and be able to focus on our sacred task at hand – building strength, hope, and resiliency in others.

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