One Anti-Racist Action You Can Take Today: Do Whatever It Takes

One Anti-Racist Action You Can Take Today: Do Whatever It Takes

By Guimel DeCarvalho
Vice President of People & Culture

So much of what Wayside staff do day in and day out in your jobs are actions to support kids and families who are navigating social structures, systems, and institutions that haven’t supported them. Tim Hagen, Residential Director, recently outfitted a vehicle with plexiglass and a shower curtain to safely transport a COVID positive youth. Tim stated that the design started out with a shower curtain, but he was concerned with visibility and used plexiglass and the shower curtain to seal the edges. He further stated “I’m very lucky to be surrounded by amazing staff who are willing to take my crazy ideas and run with them (they are the true hero’s).” His action was noted by Department of Children and Families Commissioner, Linda Spears. Commissioner Spears shared her appreciation in an email below (sent on a Friday night no less)! Read the below kudos and remember that the work you do everyday can be an anti-racist action. 


I heard via the DCF grapevine that you turned your car into an ad hoc COVID transport mobile to pick up a young person and bring them to a program.  I wanted to know just how grateful I am for your willingness to do this and your creativity in outfitting your car.  If you have a picture of your car decked out with shower curtain and other PPE, I would love it if you could share. COVID-19 is challenging all of us to step up in new and creative ways and you are definitely my hero of the day! 

Stay well and a big THANK-YOU to the Wayside team and to you, especially! 

Linda S. Spears

DCF Commissioner

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