George Floyd and the Pandemic of Racism

George Floyd and the Pandemic of Racism

By Eric L. Masi, Ed.D.

President & CEO

I am writing to acknowledge the terrible crisis in Minneapolis with the killing of George Floyd and the pandemic of racism.

While George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis we know it reflects the entire country and the racism, hatred, and lack of will or leadership from our senior politicians on these issues. It is saddening, angering, disappointing. I feel so terrible for people who are new to this country who came here thinking that we were a country that would be better than this – more rooted in values and selflessness, not hatred and selfishness.

People of color who have been here for generations are no doubt the least shocked, but none the less sickened, by this. I’m sorry that racism like this continues to persist and grow. I’m sorry that we can never seem to make any progress for people of color. For religious minorities or those who identify as LGBTQ+ this impacts you just as much since you know hatred is hatred and it will be directed elsewhere next.

At Wayside we look for ways to turn emotion into action.

Our Diversity Committee and Courageous Conversations Champions take on social justice issues as a big part of who we are and how we learn and behave. At our Diversity Committee meeting just a week ago plans were put in place to try to address the disparities in healthcare, education, food insecurity and housing that exists for our clients and our neighbors.

You would think a pandemic as strong as COVID-19 could temper racism – if only for a matter of a few months – but the pandemic of racism is so much stronger than the coronavirus.

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