One Antiracist Action You Can Take Today: Be An Antiracist Interviewer

One Antiracist Action You Can Take Today: Be An Antiracist Interviewer

Juliana Ferreira
Recruiting Manager

There are some interview questions that help you put antiracism at the forefront of a job interview. If you do interviews at Wayside, then this is the article for you! Below are a few standardized DEI related interview questions that help communicate Wayside’s committment to DEI and also provide an opportunity for a candidate to demonstrate their understanding of DEI.


  • Describe a situation in which you encounter a conflict with a person from a different cultural background than yours. How did you handle the situation? (Please be specific)
  • How has diversity played a role in shaping your work style?
  • How does your own identity impact your work with clients?
  • When interacting with a person from a different culture than your own, how do you ensure that communication is effective?
  • Talk about a time that you successfully adapted to a culturally different environment.
  • What do you wish to learn more about regarding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion?

Read more below and make sure to ask about equity when you are interviewing!

Hiring Anti-Racist Employees Isn’t Easy (or Comfortable) | LEVEL (
Equity vs. Equality and Other Racial Justice Definitions – The Annie E. Casey Foundation (

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