Psychiatric Day Treatment: Wayside Day Center


Psychiatric Day Treatment:
Wayside Day Center

An alternative to psychiatric hospitalization

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For many adolescents experiencing acute mental health symptoms, a day program can be more effective than psychiatric hospitalization. At the Wayside Day Center, youth can still live at home while receiving intensive clinical services during the day. It’s also a great option for youth who are completing a hospital stay but aren’t quite ready to go back to school. The program is small – approximately 20 youth at any given time – and short-term, generally between a few days to a few weeks.

There are two basic levels of service offered at the Day Center:

Day Treatment Program

Wayside’s Psychiatric Day Treatment program is designed for adolescents who are unable to attend school due to psychiatric and/or behavioral issues. Our intensive approach is designed to prevent hospitalization or to shorten hospital stays. We seek to provide skills for resolution and stabilization when problems become acute, life management and goal setting.

Day Treatment services are restricted to children and youth involved with the Department of Mental Health (DMH). Referrals are initiated by DMH.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Wayside’s Partial Hospitalization Program is appropriate for youth with acute mental health symptoms. This level of care includes oversight from a psychiatrist. Often used as a diversion or a step-down from psychiatric hospitalization for youth who have acute or emergency care needs but who live at home while receiving intensive day clinical services.

Partial Hospitalization referrals are made by hospitals and screening teams. We accept 3rd party health insurance, including MassHealth. Referrals can also be made by the child’s school or outpatient provider (therapist or psychiatrist). Contact your insurance company, child’s school, doctor or Wayside for more information.

“I am so happy to have had you in my life and know that there are people like you out there. You have no idea what a relief that is as a parent. You have changed our family. Life at home is different now. I am so thankful.”

– Testimonial from a Day Center Parent

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