Rape Crisis Hotline

24 hour hotline numbers:
(800) 511-5070
(508) 478-2992
TTY (M-F, 9-5): (508) 478-4205


It is important to remember you are not to blame.  If you or someone you care about is a survivor of sexual violence please call our 24 hour hotline.  We have trained rape crisis counselors who are here to help and can give you information regarding medical and legal options, offer support, or to simply listen. 


Valley Rape Crisis Program


Services for survivors of sexual violence, child sexual abuse and their significant others:


*24 hour hotline and crisis intervention

*Individual, family and group crisis counseling

*Hospital and medical advocacy

*Legal advocacy and safety planning

*Community outreach and education

*Referrals and resources tailored to individual needs

*Counseling available in Spanish and Portuguese