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Wayside Affinity Groups (WAGs)

Wayside Affinity Groups (WAGs) provide a safe space for people of similar backgrounds and interests to come together, create understanding, support, share, receive validation, explore freely, socialize, and build relationships. WAGs are voluntary and can be structured with talking points, a mission, and by laws or they can be informal with shared ground rules. Groups can also have a purely social focus.

WAGs are fully supported by Wayside management, but are generated and led by staff.

To form a recognized WAG a staff member or group of staff members must contact the Department of People and Culture and submit a WAG request.

WAG Requests include:

• If a formal group, clarified purpose of the group in the form of a defined mission. If an informal group, provide the group’s purpose or intent, the location, time, and frequency of meetings

• A contact person to be listed in communications for new members to join

• A designated person to write up a summary of meeting topics and to distribute any shared resources or reading materials to other group members

Wayside will provide the WAG:

• Training on how to lead an affinity group with a healthy balance of process and content

• Logistical support in communications about the group to All Wayside staff (Communication support to see if other staff are interested, figure out what timing & location make sense, etc.)

• Starter guidelines for the group (how to form, basic group ground rules, etc.)

• A small food budget

• The group will be listed on the Wayside Employee Intranet page

Get your WAG started today by emailing [email protected] or filling out this FORM.

Download your Starter Guidelines HERE.

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