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We know that there times you would like to communicate your concerns in a confidential way. That's why we've created Wayside's Virtual Open Door: Click on this link to let the Department of People and Culture know what's on your mind. You may choose to remain anonymous. 

Guimel DeCarvalho

Susan Kironde

Benefits Manager                                                            

Susan can provide support with the following: Health/Dental Insurance (BCBS), Vision Insurance (BCBS), Pet Insurance, 
403(b), Retirement Plan (Voya), Flexible Spending Accounts, HRC Total Solutions 
(FSA, HRA), Life Insurance/ Disability (UNUM), Educational Assistance Program, 
Flu Clinics, Wellness Initiative, COBRA, Pre-Leave consult and Leave Processing, 
ACA Administration and Benefit Enrollment Management.

Alyssa Robinson

Human Resources Representative       

Alyssa Robinson

Alyssa can provide support with the following: Performance Evaluations/ Training Compliance, New Hires, On-Boarding (CORI, SORI, Fingerprinting, I-9 Processing, Drug Testing, Motor Vehicle Checks), Pre-Service Orientation, Online Training (eAcademy), Education Verification/ Credentialing, Budget System, Out-Boarding, Employment Verification, External References Request, Wayside Training Institute.

Kevin Barry

Christine Pearce

Janine Avery

New Employee Benefits Guide

Check out our new Benefits At a Glance Guide, featuring some terrific new and increased benefits. 

Qualifying Life Event

A qualifying life event can be made when a Wayside employee that is currently eligible for benefits experiences a change in situation i.e. birth/adoption, loss of coverage, financial hardship, marriage, divorce, etc. This allows you to join our health, dental or vision plans and flexible spending accounts by enabling a qualifying life event enrollment. 

Pet Insurance

Wayside offers pet insurance through Nationwide, which is open to all employees, full and part-time. The plans vary, and a quote is available through the provider based on your coverage needs. Check the document explorer below for more details!

New Parental Leave Policy

Wayside understands the stresses of caring for a new child and is committed to flexible work schedules for returning employees up to 6 months after the start of the leave. 

Effective 1/1/2017, Wayside has increased the amount of Parental Leave  job protection provided to employees by 30% from 12 weeks to 16 weeks. 

Wayside offers up to 16 weeks of job protection, with the first two weeks fully paid in addition to the below benefits, for all employees for the care of a newborn or recently adopted/fostered child. These 16 weeks may be spread/utilized over 6 months (24 weeks).

Wayside offers Short Term Disability benefits that provides salary continuation at 85% for eligible employees. 

Employees are also able to use any accrued time to supplement this salary continuation for the remainder of the leave. 

Wayside provides a Pre-Leave Consult to all employees using Parental Leave, FMLA, or Medical Leave to discuss these options and employee needs individually. 

Document Explorer Guide

Ceridian Document Explorer

Guide for finding documents in Cerifian

A Restatement of Wayside's Drug Policy

Drug Policy Restatement

A restatement of Wayside's commitment to a drug-free workforce. 

Email & SMS through Ceridian

Email and SMS through Ceridian

Did you know you can receive notifications through your smartphone or email?

Leave Policy, Procedure and Form

Leave Form Request Explained

A brief explanation of Wayside's leave policy. Review the below documents for a detailed overview. 

Leave Request Procedure

Leave Request Form

Sick Policy and Procedure

Sick Time Explained

A brief explanation and overview of Wayside's sick time. Review the below document for a detailed overview. 

Sick Policy 2016

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Plans

Guide for available pet insurance plan enrollment. 

Pet Insurance FAQ Sheet
FYI for enrolling in pet insurance. 

Benefit Enrollment, New Hire

Benefits New Hire Enrollment Guide

New hire user guide for using Ceridian. 

Employee Fitness & Weight Loss Reimbursement

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers annual fitness and weight loss program reimbursement for Wayside employees. If you participated in a qualifying fitness or weight-loss program last year, you could earn money back! You can go to My Blue to find out which activities qualify and to download the reimbursement form. Please remember that you must file the reimbursement form by March 31, 2017. 

As an additional reminder, you can get information about your health benefits when you register at My Blue or opt-in to receive communications (email or texts from Blue Cross MA Message Wire). 

You can download the Fitness Reimbursement here and the Weight Loss Reimbursement here

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The committee is comprised of direct service providers, program managers, and senior managers coming together as partners seeking to fulfill the mission and vision of Wayside to create an environment that is respectful of all that harnesses the power of our collective similarities and differences within the Wayside community. Any staff of Wayside is encouraged to consider joining the committee with approval from the Program Director for direct service staff or supervisor for Management staff. The Committee meets monthly on the 3rd Friday of each month from 9 to 10:30 am, alternating between Framingham and Waltham.

 Please contact the Department of for more information. 

Ambassadors Committee

The Ambassadors Committee is comprised of clinical staff, program managers, administration staff and Senior leadership. The Ambassadors Committee is responsible for reviewing quality of customer service, making recommendations to increase customer service scoring and promote the Wayside Welcome! This committee meets on a quarterly basis. For more information, please contact  

Personnel Committee

Tasked with helping the agency understand employee issues as well as shaping policies, the Personnel Committee meets the 3rd Friday of every month, directly following Diversity & Inclusion Committee meeting. The locations alternate between Wayside Framingham and Wayside Waltham. All employees are invited to join. Please contact the Department of for more information. 

Clinical Documentation Review Committee

The Clinical and Documentation Review Committee is comprised of individual clinical staff, Program Directors and Clinical Directors. The purpose of the committee is to review quality of client records at every program in accordance with applicable licensing regulations and CAO standards. A sampling of program records are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Corrective action plans are implemented for individual clinical staff as needed. Records that do NOT pass are further reviewed by Clinical Review Director. The quarterly results are disseminated to the Agency Corporate Compliance Committee, Agency Program Directors and HR Committee. 

Agency Clinical Risk Committee

The Agency Clinical Risk Committee reports to the Agency Risk Management Committee. Trends are discussed at monthly Risk Management meetings. For the purposes of this committee, clinicians and other staff present high risk cases to multidisciplinary team of agency senior clinical managers and program managers. Individualized risk management plans are developed and documented. The Agency Risk Management Coordinator follows up with the clinician to ensure proper implementation. This committee meets monthly. 

Agency Worker Safety Committee

The Agency Worker Safety Committee is comprised of Senior management, Facilities manager, Director of People & Culture and Agency Risk Management Coordinator. Together, they review policies, trainings, and staff safety incidents on a monthly basis. In addition, the Worker Safety Committee also reviews incidences of workers compensation, as well as general safety concerns agency-wide. Training is provided during pre-service; online review trainings are completed on a yearly basis in compliance with EOHHS regulations. If you would like more information, please contact

Quality Patient Care Assessment Committee

The Quality Patient Care Assessment Committee is comprised of the Agency Medical Director, VP Compliance Officer and Board Program/ People & Culture Committee. The committee meets annually and reviews overall quality of care provided at the agency for clients. In addition, the committee reviews outstanding grievances, trends and use of outcomes data. 

Fiduciary Committee


Technology Committee


Special Events Committee

A Special Events Committee is created around Wayside held events, both for staff and external clients/families. Some events that warrant a committee include the 5K4Kids (Captains Committee), the Summer family picnic (Summer Event Committee), the All-Staff Meeting (All-Staff Meeting Planning Committee), and in honor of our 40th anniversary, this year we have a 40th Anniversary Committee. 


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