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As a new hire or a current staff with a Qualified Life Event, you can make your benefits selections for FY2019 in Ceridian. For new hires, just log in to Ceridian, click on Benefits, select the tab for Overview and click on Start Enrollment. You can also follow this enrollment HOW-TO GUIDE.

For staff with a Qualified Life Event, you must submit a Life Event Declaration Form first in Ceridian.

FY2019 Benefits Guides

This year Wayside is offering two options for Health Insurance. To help you choose a plan that makes sense for you, we've provided the below benefits guides.

You can check out a summary of the FY2019 benefits below or download the following guides:

FY19 Benefits At A Glance

FY19 Full Benefits Guide

Wellness at Wayside

Agency Wellness Statement:  Wayside strives for its employees to lead healthy lifestyles that lead to wellness in all physical, emotional and social aspects of their lives.   Our workforce upholds the value of health and wellness for themselves, and encourages the youth and families we work with to do the same in their own lives.  Health and wellness are embedded in our core values and upheld by Senior Team and all Wayside Managers.

Areas of health and wellness include: physical activity, nutrition, sleep, weight management, stress and emotional well-being, recreation, social and community supports (see MI Health Wheel).  Wayside offers voluntary activities and incentives to assist with eliminating unhealthy habits that may contribute to poor health.   Wayside is creating an evidence based and comprehensive health promotion program based on the latest research on wellness programs.

Why is this important?

The work of Wayside staff can be emotionally and physically taxing, creating stress on many levels.   Staff schedules can be unpredictable, productivity and other pressures are constant, and many staff balance full time work with family responsibilities in two and single parent homes.   Wayside’s Wellness Program seeks to enhance employee health and improve performance in the workplace.  Wayside staff will have a meaningful voice in developing and maintaining the ongoing operation of our Wellness Program.

**92% of employers with 200+ employees have Wellness Programs.  

Wayside cares about your health and wants to provide you with resources to help you live better both inside and outside of work. That's why we offer a voluntary Wellness Program. When you and your spouse/domestic partner take steps to manage or improve your health, wayside will reward you for it with a premium differential of up to $520 a year. That's an opportunity to save $20 per paycheck off your health insurance premium contributions for the upcoming plan year!

1. Have an annual preventative physical with your primary care physician.

2. Submit your tobacco attestation through BCBS or participate in our tobacco cessation program.

* Please note that Wayside will NOT have access to any specific, personally identifiable health information through BCBS.

Everyone has unique health and wellness goals. aHealthyme offers you several solutions that can help you reach your personal goals - no matter what they may be! Want to get fit? Improve your eating habits? Better manage your finances? Find tools and resources that can help you live a healthier life on aHealthyme. In just a few minutes, you'll get a report about your personal health, understand your health risks and be able to set up a wellness plan just for you. Getting started is easy!

1. Go to to create an account and log in.

2. Take your Health Assessment, sign up for Challenges and Wellness Workshops - at no cost.

3. Track your points and get rewarded by Wayside.

It’s time to make smart Healthcare Consumer Choices! We are currently negotiating our BCBS premiums for 2018 and our premiums are going up. We need you to partner with us to control the healthcare costs that impact us so let’s work together to keep our copays and premiums low. Here are some options.

Alternatives to the ER

Prescription Drugs


We are pleased to bring you the latest addition to our benefits suite, designed to help you improve your overall financial security and wellness.  This new financial wellness benefit will be delivered by the nation’s leading provider of unbiased workplace financial wellness programs, Financial Finesse.

Financial Finesse provides access to an online Financial Learning Center and customized Financial Wellness Assessment where you can gauge your current financial picture, determine vulnerable areas in your plan, and find completely unbiased resources for improving your situations. All personal information is confidential! Wayside does not see personal scores or action plans.

Download this FLYER for your login information and talk to a Certified Financial Planner today!

Check out a summary of Fiscal Year 2019 Benefits below!

Health Insurance & Related Benefits

Dental Insurance

Wayside offers a Dental Plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts for all employees working 30 hours or more (pro-rated for 20-29 hours). With the Dental Plan you also have the ability to obtain dental care services from the dentist of your choice (contracted or not). The dental plan provides a higher level of benefit if you choose to use an in-Network provider.


Cost per Paycheck

Single $22.83
Single + One $48.65
Family $68.06

Vision Insurance

Blue 20/20 provides coverage for eye exams and vision hardware (lenses and frames) subject to plan limitations. Available to full-time (30+ hour/week) employees (pro-rated for 20-29 hours).


Cost per paycheck

Single $3.96
Single + One $7.64
Family $11.83

Flexible Spending Accounts

Health Care FSA

You may set aside $2,650 pre-tax per year to pay for eligible health, dental and vision care expenses.


Dependent Care FSA

You may set aside $5,000 pre-tax per year to pay for dependent care expenses.

Disability Insurance & Other Insurances

Short-Term Disability
Fully paid by Wayside, covers tax-free 60% of your earnings per week up to $2,000 after a 14 day injury/sickness waiting period.  


Fully paid by Wayside, covers tax-free 60% of your earnings per week up to $10,000 per month, after a 60 day waiting period.


Life and AD&D Insurance
Fully paid by Wayside, employees receive Basic Life and AD&D insurance up to a maximum of $50,000.

Pet Insurance

Wayside offers all employees the ability to purchase Veterinary Pet Insurance through payroll deductions. Plans vary.

Education Assistance Program

Employees who have been employed by the Agency for at least a year, have successfully completed their new employee introductory period, and are working 20 or more hours weekly are eligible for the Educational Assistance Program. The agency provides a combined $2000 per fiscal year allowance for tuition reimbursement ($1000/semester), student loan repayment** ($500 two times per fiscal year), tuition and licensing expenses in any combination. Pro-rated for part time.


**Loan Repayment Program contingent on Agency fiscal budget.

Employee Assistance Program

AllOne Health: 800-451-1834. The EAP is provided to employees and members of their household for health and well-being. The program offers confidential, short-term counseling resources, consultation and referrals for work life balance issues.

Retirement Plan - 403(b)

All employees eligible as of date of hire. Matching Eligibility Requirements: Must work 1,000 hours and be employed on the last day of the plan year to receive company match.


Employer Contribution* 

Up to year 5: 25% match up to $3,000

Year 5 to 10: 50% match up to $3,000

Year 10+: 50% match up to $6,000


Employee Contribution is subject to IRS limitations ($18,500 for 2018)**

Vesting Employee Contribution: Immediate

Vesting of Employer Contribution (Calendar 2018):

1 Year: 20%

2 Years: 40%

3 Years: 60%

4 Years: 80%

5 Years: 100%


Financial Consultant: Gregg Andonian, Baystate Fiduciary Advisors 866.411.4015

 *Employer contributions made in March following the end of the plan year.  

**If age 50 or older, you may contribute an additional $6,000 ($500 increments) (or maximum allowed by IRS) above maximum as catch-up money.

Parental Leave

Wayside understands the stresses of caring for a new child and is committed to flexible work schedules for returning employees up to 6 months after the start of the leave.


In 2016, Wayside increased the amount of Parental Leave job protection provided to employees by 30% from 12 weeks to 16 weeks.


Wayside offers up to 16 weeks of job protection, with the first two weeks fully paid in addition to the below benefits, for all employees for the care of a newborn or recently adopted/fostered child. These 16 weeks may be spread/utilized over 6 months (24 weeks).


Wayside offers Short Term Disability benefits that provides salary continuation at 60% (tax free) for eligible employees. Employees are also able to use any accrued time to supplement this salary continuation for the remainder of the leave.


Wayside provides a Pre-Leave Consult to all employees using Parental Leave, FMLA, or Medical Leave to discuss these options and employee needs individually.

Employee Assistance Program

AllOne Health

 A free and confidential service to employees and their household members. 

Services available through EAP include:

  • Counseling Services
  • Legal Assistance
  • Information and Referral Service
  • Work/Life Website

Call: 1.800.451.1834

Educational Assistance Program

HRC Total Solutions

HRC Total Solutions handles the Flexible Spending Accounts/ Health Reimbursement Arrangements for the agency. 

Customer Service: 1.877.647.1147

Fax: 1.866.978.7868

HRC Online Instructions (use for FSA/HRA Reimbursement)

HRC Online Instructions

The Hartford (Life, AD&D and Disability)

Member Services: 


Group # 881251

VOYA Retirement Plan

Benefit Enrollment- New Hire

Benefits New Hire Enrollment Guide

New hire user guide for using Ceridian 

Weight Loss Reimbursement

Pet Insurance

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