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Campus Family Says Thanks

There's nothing better than a heartfelt message from the children and families in our Wayside community. The following excerpt is from a note written to Wayside staff Maya Cameron-Gilsey and Sarah Raffel:

I may never fully understand why my daughter struggled so much, but I will ALWAYS remember the selfless people that got her through it. She has been truly blessed to have some people in her life that came in just when we needed it most. I don't know how we were SO lucky to have had you assist her; it was simply amazing. I cannot tell you how much you meant to my daughter, how much she trusted you, relied on your opinions/advice and overall support. You are an amazing person and were able to help her in/out of her crisis ebb/flows seamlessly. You were ever present when she was really struggling and it was simply remarkable.

Thank you is severely insufficient for all you have done. Please know that you have made a positive impact on this world and that one family will never, ever forget you.


A Family's Success

In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, I would like to thank you for the help that Wayside provided to my son and our family. It is about 8 years ago that my son received services at the Day Center.  The staff was fabulous.  I remember a staff member and an intern coming to our house one evening as we were approaching a crisis, and they helped my son calm down and the crisis was averted.  I remember attending parent support groups as I came to the end of my rope, but would leave feeling some relief and peace of mind. My son has achieved not only his high school diploma, but an Associate Degree in veterinary technology.  Today, he is on his second interview for a job and is stronger and much more resilient than he was years ago.


-Wayside Parent

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