Letter from CEO in Response to President's Remarks
Building Strength, Hope & Resiliency

Letter from CEO in Response to President's Remarks

Yesterday, my day started out with very positive and proud feelings about Wednesday's MetroWest Human Services Unity Day held in Natick. Dozens of Wayside staff made the time to attend.  Guimel DeCarvalho and Nancy DaSilva represented Wayside so well as speakers, and Dr. Yvonne Spicer, the African American first Mayor of Framingham, was the keynote speaker.

Then I heard Trump’s comments about immigrants and immigration. For me it was another terrible moment to be an American. I can't imagine the pain that it caused for immigrants and descendents of Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa, but it was even more horrible because we all know he meant to disparage all immigrants of color regardless of country of origin. And so once again this purported leader has inflicted real pain and trauma on the people he was elected to serve.

Here at Wayside we have tried to embrace the values of diversity, equity and inclusion through our trainings and commitment to holding Courageous Conversations.  (I’m proud to say that our Board of Directors has also asked for a training in Dr. Ken Hardy’s VCR model).  But now we have even more work to do as we support our staff, kids and families from the countries he's singled out, and for any other peoples of color for whom he has such disdain.  It seems like Wayside's tagline of Building Strength Hope and Resiliency is never more appropriate than these days. 

It is very timely that this weekend we celebrate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday and his incredible contributions to this country. I can only imagine the extra energy and strength that will be felt and expressed at the various Martin Luther King events around the country. What glorious voices will be raised and heard!  This will help us all move forward with the goals of activism and personal responsibility to make a difference that were expressed at our Unity Day on Wednesday.  I wish you all a very good Martin Luther King Day as we remind ourselves of the special traits and characteristics that make up a true national and world leader.


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