Wayside's Leadership Academy
Building Strength, Hope & Resiliency

Wayside's Leadership Academy

One of Wayside’s strategic goals is to develop more career advancement opportunities, particularly for non-management, minority and diverse staff. In response, this spring, Wayside’s new Leadership Academy launched, as a means to develop current Wayside staff for future leadership positions within the agency. The Leadership Academy places significant emphasis placed on professional development, supporting staff goals and identifying individual career ladders.

A six-session course offered by Wayside Senior Team, the Leadership Academy provides individuals an opportunity to enhance their leadership knowledge and skills through an interactive learning environment. Candidates for the Leadership Academy have demonstrated their commitment to Wayside’s core values and have a strong interest in their professional development as a leader at Wayside.

Major topics covered included: Leadership attributes, managing staff, supervision and coaching, team development, effective work habits, revenue and expenses and managing quality using data and risk management.

Eric L. Masi, Ed.D., Wayside President & CEO, says, “I look forward to these and other career development opportunities for Wayside staff. They demonstrate their ‘strength, hope and resilience’ every day. These are exactly the leadership qualities we want in our managers!”

Congratulations to the first-ever Wayside Leadership Academy, Class of 2017!

Pictured: (Back Row, left to right) Eric Masi, Michelle Solano, Joena Robo, Colleen Reynolds, Will Felix, Kendrick Flanders, Troy Fernandes, (Front Row, left to right) Elizabeth Santiago, Alyson Arcand, Michele Griffin, Danielle DeMoss, Tina-Brouillette-Smith, Lauren Kimble, Guimel DeCarvalho, Director of People & Culture.


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