A Photo Voice Art Reception
Building Strength, Hope & Resiliency

A Photo Voice Art Reception

A Photo Voice Art Reception

On December 7, Greenhouse Graphics, an initiative of Wayside’s Tempo Young Adult Resource Center, based in Framingham, MA held its Photo Voice Art Reception. Photovoice Art “is a participatory research and critical thinking method that allows patients, clients and community members to share their experiences and collaborate for change.” 

December’s Photovoice Art Reception was held at the MA Department of Mental Health’s Westborough office and featured artwork from young people from a variety of programs and service providers in the area. They use their artwork, and a written blurb, to express their feelings. “Using photographs can illuminate barriers to access, illustrate quality of care or influence policy and resource decision making in respectful and supportive ways.” 

The young adults are able to express themselves in ways they never knew were possible. Take the below photo for example, a pair of worn-out shoes with no laces. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for this photo, the words speak volumes, and the picture serves to illuminate the intensity of emotion.  

“These shoes have been with me through the most intense, dramatic and meaningful experiences of my life. They’ve been to every hospital I’ve ever been in, they were on my feet when I went home for the first time and when I came back for the last time. They have lost laces in 3 hospitals across 2 different states. They’ve traveled over 15,000 miles and been worn for over a year. Almost every movement I’ve made in the last year and a half since I got them had led to their appearance now. They’re a reflection of each and every thing I have done and only what I have done. Nobody else has ever worn them or handled them significantly. These shoes have shared more experiences with me than anything or anyone else and thus they can show my story better than anything else because they went through it all and have as many scars to show from it as I do.” 

The young adults that participate in PhotoVoice Art are able to sell their work at the shows, and over 20 pieces of artwork were sold at this show alone! 

Congratulations and a big thank you to all of the young artists that participated and showcased their artwork!

A special thanks to the following:

  •  Dave Sebastian, Mentoring Artist
  • Yolanda Ortiz, TEMPO director
  • DMH staff: Carly Sebastian, Dennis Miles, Irving Henry, Kristen Kulig, and Ellen Afro
  • Wayside Youth and Family for their continued support of transition age youth 

Check out our Facebook page for more pictures from the young artists! 



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